If you want answers and solutions you need to see Dr. Gaber. I had opportunity today to have a consultation and service with Dr Gaber, I was very impressed and highly recommend her to all. Thank you Dr Gaber – will be back to see you soon. 


I went to Dr. Gaber for my pregnancy related sciatic nerve pain. Pain was really bad at 33 weeks of pregnancy. I tried all the natural healing method as listed in a blog post, 
Some of the natural remedies gave me a temporary comfort but nothing was long lasting. I was having really hard time to walk and i still had 7 weeks to go untill the due date. I decided to try Dr. Gaber’s acupuncture method for sciatic pain relief. With only 4 treatment i was able to manage the pain and do daily activity without much complain. I am very thankful to Dr. Gaber for making my life easier. 
She is very professional, knowledgeable and thorough about her treatment. She also showed me some of the exercise (pregnancy safe) to do it at home to manage the pain. I highly recommend Dr. Gaber for her services. 


Dr. Naila is very educated, patient and took the time and spacial attention for treatment. I strongly recommend her.


May -12-2019

Her attention to detail and her ability to recognize issues comes from her expertise in the area. Highly recommend to anyone.


I was having many issues with my back and leg due to frequent injury during sports.
I tried number of hospitals and typical western medicine for long time. However, this did not work well.
With some recommendations from friends, I went to Doctorkits to check if my pain can be recovered, and after first session with Dr. Naila I recovered.
I was very impressed with the techniques and knowledge she has, and how she carefully and accurately identified my main problem and addressed with effective Chinese Traditional Medicine Techniques, that reflected her extensive experience and competency.

I will go again to Naila’s clinic in future, if I have any issue.


Recovery from Sports Injury

Dr Nalia Gaber is a very good doctor , she is kind , carring and really tries to help people with their pain . She is also very informative about all health issues . She is a very nice lady and a good person .

Mike Messere

Dr.Naila is a true healer. She is learned in her craft, highly-grounded as a person, and gets fantastic results with this one’s body-mind-spirit.

askins stachso

It was almost a year since I wasn’t getting my period and I didn’t want to take hormonal drugs with lots of side affects so I was recommended Dr Gaber. I literally got back my period within a month. she is very skillful and her treatments are painless. The office is calm , relaxing and very clean.

Sarah ee

I went to dockorkits h tech inc recently for back pain. It was a very pleasant and professional environment. Dr naila is knowledgeable, thorough, and has a great bedside manner. I’ve only had acupuncture once or twice before, but I know where I’m going from now on. HIGHLY recommend!

julesha fraso

Dr. Naila helped me in one of my most difficult periods in terms of health and well being when I was struggling with hormonal issues as well as issues with nervous system. I was feeling sick, stressed and had no idea what to do. Through herbal medicine and acupuncture I got back on my feet in few weeks. I am so grateful to her that it is hard to put in words or in writing. She is also a very good listener and took my health issues seriously when no one else did. Thank you Dr. Naila

brandy myers