Recovery from sciatic pain

I went to Dr. Gaber for my pregnancy related sciatic nerve pain. Pain was really bad at 33 weeks of pregnancy. I tried all the natural healing method as listed in a blog post,


Some of the natural remedies gave me a temporary comfort but nothing was long lasting. I was having really hard

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If you want answers and solutions you need to see Dr. Gaber. I had opportunity today to have a consultation and service with Dr Gaber, I was very impressed and highly recommend her to all. She is very thorough and wants to help you get better. Thank you Dr Gaber – will be back to see you soon.



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Dr. Naila is strongly recommended

Dr. Naila is very educated, patient and took the time and spacial attention for treatment. I strongly recommend her.


About Dr.Naila

She is very accurate with her treatments and is very kind. would recommend her to anyone.